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Why my house is not as I want it to be - Common Mistakes and solutions

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Different Categories of people while they are building their houses are

1. People who are looking for a design for their new house looking for a professional designer

2. People who are not satisfied with the existing design given by their contractor or architect.

3. people who are worried that their house is not getting built as per the design

4. people who are not ready to disclose the design to their contractor or workers and they do not understand why the house is not as per the design

Common mistakes seen among the people while building their house

1. They do not get their house design done in the planning stages and end up in design related issues

2. people do not communicate to their builder or architect if they are fully satisfied with the design and do not get the design they like

3. people do not disclose the house design tho their workers. so the workers do not know what the client actually want

4. people do not finalize the materials design and colors to be used on the house before hand,wait for each completion stage and end up in extra construction cost and wastage


1. Find out a professional designer and make a proper 3D design of the building or house in the planning stage itself.

2. Make sure you finalize the materials, design and colors and find out if the materials are available in the market and the design is practically possible to make.

3. Take a print out of the design and give it to the workers or contractors and make sure they follow their construction based on the design. The design should be used as a complete reference point.

4. try to completely follow the design including the colors and materials used in the design as the designer would have already tried different options and would have given you the best option.

5. If you are not satisfied with the design, communicate with the designer and make the changes in the design itself and not during the actual construction.

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