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Open Kitchen the New Trend | Pros and Cons

Open Kitchen is a new concept which has become the trend now. The main reason why open kitchen become a trend is that it is very adaptive to small spaces. In a limited space like a studio apartment, open kitchen concept works out the best to save spaces. This helps to give a better look and a spacious feel to the apartment. In larger houses open kitchens are opted to give a premium look for the interiors and open kitchen is a major element of the interior design as a whole

Advantages of using open kitchen

  • Open kitchen gives a spacious look

  • It helps in more of an interactive atmosphere for the family as a whole

  • Open Kitchen concept allows to make cooking more entertaining by allowing us to watch tv and interact with others while cooking.

Disadvantages of using open kitchen

  • There are chances of cooking smell and smoke affecting the ambience of living and dining areas

  • Open kitchen should always be kept neat as it is a part of common area that will be seen by an outsider.

  • The oil vapours may accumulate in the living sofa and other areas that affect the hygiene of the rooms

Though there are some disadvantages of using an open kitchen concept. it a good option to make the house look more premium and luxurious. it largely avoids the boring old kitchen life

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