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Which one is better for your dream Home? | Home Designing

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

There are many options in 3D visualization for your dream home. the main options are

3D Still images

3D still images are rendered image or photograph of a 3D visualization.

  1. 3D Elevations - helps to understand the exterior design of a building for example a house.

  2. 3D Interior views - helps to understand the interior design of a house for example a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom etc.. individually.

  3. 3D Plan Cutout - helps to understand the design layout of a house by giving a birds eye view from the top angle. it gives the overall picture of a floor as a whole

3D Interactive 360 Degree View

360 degree view helps to visualize and understand each and every element in a room by viewing and comparing it to the actual situation in virtual reality by rotating and viewing the image interactively in a 360 degree.

3D Walkthrough

3D walkthrough is a video format visualization of the design which gives a detailed understanding of the overall design by moving through the design as we see a video of the design

Buildon Ideas is a professional 3D architectural and interior design firm based in kochi, with an experience of more than 10 years in 3D visualization specializing in home designing.

Contact us for your 3D requirements: 9995778171

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