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Economical False Ceiling Materials | Methods | Types | Precautions | Cost

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Major types of false ceiling materials are PVC Ceiling materials, Gypsum Board material, Calcium Silicate board material, Cement board material

Most commonly used false ceiling material is Gypsum board as it is cheaper, lighter and easy to install. it also gives good finishing and a premium look.

Why false ceiling?

False ceiling is made to give a good look and feel for the rooms, it helps to reduce the temperature inside a room, it helps to hide the electrical wiring and ac ducting.

The cheapest type of False ceiling material is PVC ceiling material. but it does not give a premium look.

calcium silicate board and cement board are water proof materials and can be used in areas where there is contact with water but gypsum board material is not water proof.

These four materials can be used in combination with MDF, Multiwood, metal or glass materials to give highlights or a highlighted design element.

Creating false ceiling completely with MDF, multiwood or plywood will be a costly affair as these materials are very costly compared to other materials and is also heavy and not easy to install as a ceiling.

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